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What We Do

Our organization uses positive youth development theory to fill the void created by after-school and summer programs. Current programs are inaccessible to these underserved and disadvantaged youth who either cannot afford to participate in or lack tangible access to them. After-school and summer programs are ideal for providing youth development activities that can deter children from engaging in risky behaviors, such as alcohol and drug use, sexual activity, and criminal activity. In addition, participation in athletic activities engages children in healthy physical activity.

Our Programs

We recognize that some children do not receive positive youth development at home or in their communities. Our programs fill that void by focusing on four key areas of youth development:

Personal Development. Children learn positive values and social skills that are not taught in the classroom, which they can apply in their adult lives, such as responsibility, planning, and decision-making. Our military-style training programs set boundaries and expectations for these children. Finally, children enjoy access to and the support of positive adult role models.

Academic Development. Children who need academic assistance have access to tutors and educators who help to strengthen their commitment to learning. Tutors and educators focus on subjects where students are weakest and make learning fun, while developing the children’s confidence.

Health and Wellness. Some of our children may bring traumatic past experiences with them to the program. We will address those difficulties by offering mental and behavioral health services to help them reestablish their sense of purpose and optimism about the future.

Constructive Time Use. Sports are a core component of the Ready Golf Academy. Our programs use sports, like golf, as buffers to help children absorb all of the developmental lessons that our programs provide.

Our Niche

Similar programs have highlighted children’s interest in golf as a pastime and enrichment activity; however, such programs have created a niche that the Ready Golf Academy fills. The Academy provides all services, clothing, meals, and transportation to the children free of charge, which extends its accessibility to those who are priced out of and distanced away from other programs. In addition, children’s involvement in the golf activities provides a buffer that distracts from the actual goals of the program. Thereby, Ready Golf Academy participants enjoy the benefits of self-improvement and access to the game of golf, simultaneously.

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